Phone Call to Columbia College.

Letter to Columbia President Bollinger (with documents) about outrageous behavior of Roger Lehecka, then Columbia College Dean of Student Affairs. Background of events leading up to letter included.

This incident is mentioned in my book, available at Amazon. However, I have preserved the documents here and also give brief details regarding them.

A phone call I made to Columbia College Dean of Student Affairs Office was distorted by Lehecka’s outrageous abuse of power; he had his staff distort facts so as to generate lies against me and these lies were (and still are) filed in my Official Student Record. Columbia President Lee Bollinger refused to amend the Record, making an evasive technical excuse through Columbia’s lawyer (saying that in my specific circumstances the law does not require Columbia to amend records), though not denying that I was absolutely correct in my claim.

Subject of this phone call was an alleged pending disciplinary charge/hearing against me which was dismissed, details are these:

There was a note entered into my Official Student Record that I need to possibly be charged and tried for violation of Columbia rules before I can ever be readmitted. I had no interest in actually ever going back to Columbia, but I wanted that note/claim removed. I mocked that rule violation claim and sent many letters to Columbia about this being simply being more misbehavior by Columbia administrators, and that this claim should be dropped. They persisted with their stance. Finally, I picked up the gauntlet and filed an application for readmission, so we can go ahead with the charge and hearing (and I would have my hidden tape-recorder ready, and had told Columbia that I will not submit to any physical check). Columbia mailed me the procedure that would be followed for the hearing. I again wrote to the Columbia administration that the upcoming hearing was just more misbehavior and harassment by Columbia administrators. Suddenly, instead of finalizing the date for the hearing, Columbia administration quickly dropped the claim, saying that, after [now] examining, they do not see a basis for any charge or hearing. So much for their persistent tough stance when I wrote them many times asking them to drop their claim! (This conversation where I was informed that they are dropping the claim was also tape-recorded by me). This dismissed charge was what my below phone call (which call I tape-recorded) to Dean of Student Affairs Office was about. As below details show, though the Columbia administration backed off on above claim, new misbehavior and harassment immediately followed.

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